Rockstar Gerbils

our Story

In 1998 it started with one - as it always does; a pink eyed lilac gerbil named "Stumpy" (because he was missing half his tail) who belonged to my high school. I got to take him home one summer and was immediately hooked on these little creatures. Next came Cream and Soda, two pink eyed white brothers, and after them came an assortment of Rats, Mice and Rabbits, as well as many other critters over the years.  But of them all, we think Gerbils are the best. :)                            
Many years later we decided to add gerbils back into our lives and were dismayed to find only a few pet stores in our local area that had any at all. After reading a lot about the various colours and genetic combinations found in the Mongolian Gerbil we decided to reach out to some gerbil experts and start our own kennel, focusing on colour-points and show-quality, gentle pets.                      
We are proud to be working with several AGS breeders within the USA and Canada to build our foundation lines, and are excited to bring these stunning and beautifully bred gerbils to Toronto, Ontario and the surrounding area.                       


our Name

At about 8 weeks of age gerbils go through a "molt" - where they shed their baby fur and their adult coat grows in. This can give gerbils a visible molt line across the backs of their heads, where the old fur has yet to shed, but the rest of the new coat has grown in. This is especially visible on Nutmeg and Schimmel colours who change colour quite dramatically. We affectionately dubbed this as a "gerbil mohawk" and after that couldn't get the image of little punk-rock rockstar gerbils out of our heads.                     

our Responsibility

The goal of any ethical breeder is betterment of the animal, and we believe in the same. We breed for health, temperament and "type"  before colour (although colour is the fun part) and are deliberate with our choice of breeding pairs. Our gerbils are hand raised and happy to interact with their humans, and above all are healthy, loving pets.                                     
We maintain our records and provide pedigrees of our animals. Our kennel and gerbils are registered with the American Gerbil Society and we are proud to be a part of this organization. You can read more about their member standards here.