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How long do I have to wait for gerbils?


Average Current Waiting Time:  4-6 weeks

Updated: 2019 - 08 -16


Why?  We are a small kennel, and dedicated to caring for our gerbils - meaning each pup is held and socialized from a very young age and given individual care so they are tamed before they come home to you. Therefore, we only breed as many as we can reasonably care for at one time.                                             


To add to our care standard,  in order to give the mother adequate time to rest and recuperate, our female gerbils do not have more than two litters back to back. This means we do not always have pups. We try to rotate our breeding pairs to account for this, but sometimes demand for cute baby gerbils outstrips our ability to raise that many at once. Our gerbils come first and we do not run a profit on our gerbils.                                                  


What we can guarantee however is that you will receive a tame, healthy pup that is raised in a home among other family members and other pets, with their health cared for every step along the way.                                               






Gerbil prices will vary depending on rarity and colour. For the most part, our gerbils cost no more than purchasing through a pet store. We do ask that you put a deposit down if you wish to hold pups aside, or have us bond gerbils together for you.



Pups: $40/pair (pairs only)

Single Pup (on case by case basis): $20

Retired Adults: $10-15

Specialty Varieties: $25+


Deposit: $15



We reserve the right to price pups accordingly as pets, or breeder/show quality.



Available Pups

Pups are placed in homes in pairs or more at about 6-8 weeks of age. 
Currently our wait list means all our pups are spoken for: but things move so fast around here it never hurts to inquire:  


If you are interested in a pup, please email us at 


Available Adults

Gerbils posted here are older gerbils that are looking for pet only homes. These adults may be retired breeders, rescues, or adults that we have decided not to breed for some reason and are therefore looking for their forever homes. As pups can be swift and delicate, an older Gerbil may be more suitable to new owners or for families with young children.                          


None currently - may have retirees in early November: please inquire.                                  



Flash - Mottled Black
Star - Spotted Lilac



Mottled Black



Spotted Lilac

Litter Born: 08-11-2019

 Colours: Mottled Black


Upcoming and Planned Litters







Bred - Expected: 09 -01-2019

Expected Colours: Burmese, Siamese, Colourpoint Nutmeg