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Gallery of Gerbil Colours

Mongolian gerbils come in a wide variety of different colours: there are about 40 coat colours in total! Some of these are very common and can be found in most pet stores. These colours include Agouti (the gerbil's natural coat), Black, Lilac and Argente Golden gerbils, but there are many more available. Some are harder to find than others because they are made up of recessive genetics that require careful breeding to produce. Here at Rockstar Gerbils we are in love with Colourpoint varieties, but all gerbils are beautiful in our eyes! So we have put together a gallery to show off the unique colours of Gerbil that have been bred by or at some point, belonged to the Rockstar Gerbil Clan!                            

Burmese (Colourpoint Black)

Genotype: aa c(chm)c(chm) D- E- P- Uw-

Siamese (Light Colourpoint Black)

Genotype: aa c(chm)c(ch) D- E- P- Uw-

Colourpoint Nutmeg

Genotype: aa c(chm)c(chm) D- ee P- Uw-

Colourpoint Agouti

Genotype: A- c(chm)c(chm) D- E- P- Uw-


Genotype: aa C- D- E- P- Uw-


Genotype: aa C- D- E- pp Uw-


Genotype: aa C- D- E- pp uw(d)uw(d)

Schimmel (Orange SIamese)

Genotype:  A/a** C-  D- e(f)e(f)- P- Uw-