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The two gifted brothers, Arthur and Theo, have always been into graphic design, elaborate illustrations and modern art. They showcase their latest project named Abstract Art to represent a new era in their creative experience.
  • Sire x Dam :  DOB: 01/01/19

    Burmese, CPN, Black

    We characterize our work as futuristic and controversial, yet mature and deep in the sense of professionalism, without any modesty. We beleive that the artsy, outstanding sketches convey a lot of emotions, express the authors' inner world, mindset and non-traditional views.

    Sire x Dam DOB: 01/01/19

    Slate, Black, Siamese

    Congenial and charismatic style, loud ideas and the most fantastic and vigorous customers. People who admire our alien works are free spirits just like us. You need to have something extraterrestrial within to notice, understand and praise the art introduced by Arthur and Theo.

  • Sire x Dam DOB: 01/01/19

    a parallel reality

    A glimpse to the parallel world through the authors' eyes, the concepts of time and reality revealed. We'll prepare rough drafts to represent your ideas, make exceptional visual graphics and web illustrations and distribute a final result to match your vision perfectly.

    Available Adults

    Gerbils posted here are older gerbils that are looking for pet only homes.
    These adults may be retired breeders, rescues, or adults that we have decided not to breed for some reason and are therefore looking for their forever homes.
    As pups can be swift and delicate, an older Gerbil may be more suitable to new owners or for families young children. 



  • Web & Digital Design

    We provide a unique and a totally new perception for personal and company website layout and design. Bold illustrations and a distinctive taste, that's what makes our work stand out. 

    Featured design

    Who said that business cards, brochures, posters or banners can not be pieces of art? Let us turn everything that surrounds you into real artwork. If every single item can make a powerful visual impact on people, then why not make use of that phenomenon?

    the new generation

    What we love more than creating is learning. That's the reason why we're always open to new collaborations and exploring new ways and techniques of bringing our insane ideas to life. That's what the anthem of a real perfectionist should be: live and evolve, as an artist and a creator.

    Upcoming and Planned Litters

    Black Tailed White x Colourpoint Nutmeg    

    Bred: 01/01/10  Expected: 02/02/10

    Expected colours:  Siamese


    Burmese x Colourpoint Nutmeg

    Bred: 01/01/10  Expected: 02/02/10

    Expected colours:  Siamese



    A BIG thank you to Prairie Clan and Rosy Hill Gerbils for their help and contributions to my breeding project.